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Bamboo Bat Tylonycteris sp


An individual found roosting in a bamboo slit.

Bamboo bat emerging from a bamboo slit


Status: Vulnerable

Interesting Facts: This bat is common where bamboo grows. It has a habit of roosting inside the stems of the bamboo. The bats gain access via vertical slits in the stem wall; these slits can created by beetles. There are 2 species bamboo bats, namely Tylonycteris robustula (Greater Bamboo Bat) and T. pachypus (Lesser Bamboo Bat). Both species can be found in Singapore.

Size: Head and body length about 3.5-5 cm without tail.

Diet: Consists of insects, including termites.

Activity: Nocturnal, gregarious

Habitat: Roosts in the internodes of bamboos.

Threats: Habitat destruction and declining presense of wild bamboo.