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Common Gliding Lizard Draco volans




Status : Vulnerable

Interesting Facts: This lizard is also called the common flying dragon. It can glide significant distances, travelling up to 5m for every metre of height lost, thus the name flying draco. The flying dragon has 6 to 7 pairs of ribs which are much longer than others. The skin between the ribs forms a large membrane called the patagium. This membrane can be folded just like a fan. When the lizard glides, it spreads out its ribs foward, forming a gliding surface. Males can be seen flashing a flap of yellow skin under its throat to attract females during breeding season. Females lay 2 - 3 eggs buried in the soil.

Size: 20cm

Diet: Ants and small insects

Activity: Arboreal, moving up tree trunks

Habitat: Forest habitats, sometimes in gardens and park.

Threats: Habitat destruction.