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Variable Squirrel Callosciurus finlaysoni







Status: Introduced

Interesting Facts: The Variable Squirrel or Finlayson's squirrel is native to Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam. However, in recent years, several were spotted in the wild in Singapore. Possibly, escapees or released by irresponsible pet owners. The Variable Squirrel may look adorable but it may cause threats to our biodiversity and habitat destruction. In Italy, two pairs of the Variable Squirrel were released in a park in the 1980s. Today, about fifty Variable Squirrels were reported in the original release area. Variable Squirrels are known to strip off tree barks, causing damages to the trees.

In Great Britain, the introduction of Grey Squirrel has caused a progressive disappearance of the native Red Squirrel. Will the Variable Squirrel threatens our native Slender Squirrel and Plantain Squirrel?

Size: Body 21cm, tail 22-24cm

Diet: Consists of fruits and seeds, flowers.

Activity: Active during day.