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A dazed Banded Leaf Monkey sitting on a Rain Tree by the roadside

The photograph above shows one of the 3 Banded Leaf Langurs (Presbytis femoralis) sitting on a Rain Tree along a road by the Central Catchments Nature Reserve. Feeling withdrawn, probably being dazed by the on-coming traffic.

The population of our Banded leaf langurs has dropped to such small numbers that genetic defects may threaten their existences. Are we doing enough to save them?

Photograph by Kwok Wai, 10th Dec 2005


Welcome to Wildlife Singapore “What’s there to discover in Singapore?”, you say. Well, to most people, Singapore is an urban concrete jungle. However, unknown to them, Singapore is home to a large variety of life forms – not only the homo sapiens kind, but also a wide array of terrestrial and marine fauna..

Want to discover more? Even in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is still possible to slow down and take a trip around Singapore with us, all this just a few clicks away. Join us in discovering the rich diversity of fauna here in Singapore…some of which you may even find in your own garden.

Discovering our Wild Step out on a virtual tour by clicking on ‘Animals A-Z’ and learn more about each of the various animals found in Singapore. Alternatively, you can look out for places of interest in ‘Discover’ which lists out the various animals sighted at the said venue. Armed with this knowledge, you can also go out and Discover Singapore in your own time. We will greatly appreciate any feedback or sightings you discover yourself through the ‘Survey’ section.

In addition to awareness, we hope to give you some insights on how fragile Singapore's ecosystems are. With urban jungles sprouting out all over the country, our native animals will require your help to sustain their existence. This will also provide future generations to the opportunity to discover Singapore as you have.

Nature Photography Ethics
This website does in one way or another promotes nature photography, Wildlife Singapore would like to take this opportunity to urge all nature photographers to exercise ethical field practices when photographing nature. More information on how you can make a different here.

Many thanks to: Kelvin Lim, Nick Baker, Subaraj Rajathurai, Yeo Suay Hwee, Tony O'Dempsey, Leong Tzi Ming, , Robert Teo, Ria Tan for identifying the animals.

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