The Banded Bull Frog has a rounded body with a small head. Its hind limbs are short and slender. Tips of the fingers and toes expanded. Its back is grey or brown with a pair of black-edged, broad pale yellow or orange stripes along the sides. A pale yellow or orange band on top of the head between the eyes. The call, usually heard before and after heavy rain, resembles the mournful bellow of cattle.


Solitary and nocturnal insectivore. Inhabits built-up areas.


7.5 cm SV.


Common, can be found from coastal areas to forest of Central Nature Reserves and also offshore islands.


India, Sri Lanka, southern China and Indochina, through the Malay Peninsular, borneo, Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi to Philippines.


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Banded Bull Frog

Kaloula pulchra

Banded Bull Frog

The Banded Bull Frog despite its size, it can climb very well.

Banded Bull Frog

The Banded Bull Frog found in a drain after rain.

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