The Paradise Tree Snake is one of the two species of gliding snakes found in Singapore. It is able to glide by launching into the air, flattening its body, drawing in its ventrum. A glimpse of it gliding is shown in Sophisticated Serpents chapter of BBC's Life in Cold Blood.

Check out this amazing footage of Paradise Tree Snake gliding in mid-air. It was filmed in Singapore when Jake Socha was here with National Geographic on a story about flying snakes.

Its body is slender and cylindrical. Its head is relatively flat and distinct from body. Black above with a green or yellow spot on each dorsal scale. Some individuals have a row of red "flower ' pattern along the middle of the back. Top of its head and snout has five yellow bands. It is mildly venomous.


Diurnal, oviparous and arboreal. It feeds mainly on lizards, geckos and small birds. In Singapore, it is common and is recorded all over the main island and on surrounding islands, in forest, scrublands, mangroves and even seen in parks.


TL up to 1.3m.


Widespread and common.


Malay Peninsular, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and the Philippines.


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Paradise Tree Snake

Chrysopelea paradisi

Paradise Tree Snake

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