The Common Treeshrew may look like a squirrel but it is not a squirrel. It is categorized under Tupaia genus. Tupaia comes from a Malay word tupai meaning same mammals that resemble squirrels.

Common Treeshrew has long pointed snout and a row of pointed teeth along the jaws. Its shoulders and torso are reddish-brown above. The top of the head, limbs and tail are dark greyish brown. There is a yellowish ring around the eye and usually a whitish oblique stripe over the shoulders.

It forages mainly on the forest floor for insects and fruit.



Diurnal, inhabits forest and adjacent scrubland and parkland. In Singapore, it occurs in the Central Nature Reserves, the Western Catchment Area, Bukit Batok Nature Park, Botanic Gardens and Kent Ridge.


HB 15cm. Tail to 13cm


Widespread and common.


Malay Peninsula and Sumatra


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Common Treeshrew

Tupaia glis






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